Cheung Chau

Famous for its annual Bun Festival, which coincides with Visak (Buddha’s Birthday), Cheung Chau has more history than would otherwise seem possible for a relatively small coastal island settlement. Missionaries used Cheung Chau as a leave centre from the early twentieth century, and links still persist in the number of religious organizations with retreats on the island. Pleasant coastal paths, coastal and island views and an absence of cars make Cheung Chau a delight for walkers.

The fishing industry was the island’s principal economic mainstay for centuries, though this has now greatly declined due to pollution and overfishing in local waters.

Optional self-paid seafood lunch following the walk.

Please note: All walks require appropriate footwear for walking. Please remember to carry water. We also suggest insect repellent, sunscreen, hat and an umbrella.

HKD$550 per person for a scheduled walk.

*** Octopus Card required for Ferry transportation (at own expense)